Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Makes: DIY Recycled Parking Garage for a Sweet 3 year old

He's three! The little bugger is THREE! How did we make it? I can't even fathom that it has been three years since Giraffe was a newborn.

He is a goofy little thing that loves I mean LOVES to play with tiny matchbox cars. I constantly have to scan the room for them as he tends to leave them about. I am worried one of these days I might trip!

The night before his birthday mommy and daddy were in a panic as the gift we ordered him ( a fabulous set of bongos) hadn't arrived yet. I ran to a certain store that shall remain nameless ( but highly targets their store to consumers by having amazing things that we all really really need on each and every endcap) to find something, anything worthy of his special day. I ended up with nothing but a card and some more matchbox cars. Upon exiting the store I saw an employee pull a nice looking shoe box out of a cart, I ran after him, " Are you going to THROW THAT AWAY?, " I asked. " Yes," he said looking a little scared of my wild n' crazy DIY eyes.  I begged him to have it and away I went.

What does every three year old need? A parking garage for their little cars!  My husband said it couldn't be done in a night- I think he knows I dig a challenge. Away I went glueing and cutting. I searched the house for interesting pieces of cardboard that could be melded into some sort of garage. While I didn't take actual building photos I have a few tips for how to make one for yourself!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Select a sturdy bottom such as a piece of foam core or matboard. 
  • Leave no piece of cardboard unturned: Toliet paper and paper towel tubes, seed starters, shoe boxes and many other types of cardboard things make GREAT garages. 
  • Start building! Once you have selected a few pieces start planning before glueing. Think of places for cars to hideout, travel under/over/ and through. 
  • Remember that little ones like to lean on the things they are driving on ( learned from experience! ) If you can, build some supports for your bridges and ramps. 
  • Heat up your glue gun and make it happen! Run the glue gun along the edges and press down firmly to the piece you are trying to adhere to. The sky is the limit! 
This is a super creative project that your child could even help you with by coloring on the pieces before they are glued! The best part is it's virtually indestructible, if a piece is removed or broken just glue it back on or make up something else. Here are a few more shots for ideas: 

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