Monday, June 11, 2012

Beat the Yeastie Beasties

The little one ended up with yeast. I feel like a crap mother as I didn't know what it was! For like a month. He hasn't fussed or cried or anything because of it. I consider myself lucky.

I put a request out to Facebook land to see if anyone had any creams they recommended and a dear friend ( and ahmazing photog) recommended the following. AND IT WORKED.

I feel as though I should SHOUT it from the roof tops. Tell your friends, midwives, neighbors, doulas, doctors, co-workers, pin, Facebook, hell put a bumper sticker on your car:  there is a cure for the yeastie beastie rash that lurks deep in diapers and refuses to quit... here it is:

  •  One small tube of Desitin ( side note, I have never purchased Desitine in my life, we are a natural family, but the yeastie had to be beat. It has a whopping 40% ZINC. Who knew?) 
  • 1 tsp- 1 tbsp of good probiotics ( Remember the higher the count the better) I used expired infant probiotics ( still good) and 4 caps of 10 billion strength. Use enough so there is a bit of grit but not too much. 
  • Clean baby food jar 
  • Label or sticker ( optional) 
  • popsicle stick 
Trust me, you'll feel like a chemist! 
Squeeze the entire tube in the glass jar and combine with the probiotics. Mix with the popsicle stick. You may need to change the strength depending on the yeast. I used expired probiotics as we had them and they are still good just not as potent. That's it! I put a little elephant sticker on the top of the jar as we have many concoctions in our fridge and I didn't want anyone to get confused. 

Little tip, I use clean popsicle sticks to reach in the jar. Keeps hands clean and germies out. 

I have been applying every other diaper change. The rash has healed considerably! 
Go forth, get rid of the yeastie beastie! ( Then celebrate with some wine.) 


  1. oh I hope this works on adult yeast. I have ben fighting it for over a year under my boobies and am willing to try anything. THANK YOU !!!

  2. Great idea to use the probiotics! I make an awesome natural diaper rash cream with 3 natural yeast fighters which I have found to work way better then anything else- baby food jar full of raw, organic coconut oil (who knew this killed yeast? ) 25 drops super high quality doterra Melaleuca and lavender essential oils. I use it on myself and my son all the time! I'm totally going to add the probiotics next time tho.

  3. ok please tell me what you are using when you say probiotics. I have problems with yeast and one of the things that is a probiotic is yogurt so I eat that to help with the problem but are you talking about the same thing??? Please clarify for me. thank you:)

    1. Probiotic supplements - in the medicine aisle :-)