Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little decorating...

Time is currently moving at a snail's pace in our home as we play the waiting game.  If one more person asks me when the blessed event is supposed happen I might snap.  So, I am putting my aggression towards cleaning and creating! How nice. 

I finally decided to take the time to decorate. The husband has been incredibly helpful through the decorating process. Really, he has. Like shlepping up the bazillion holiday boxes and helping me hang things and generally helping me with my every whim. 

The theme of decor this year is repurpose... 

I am in love with our front door wreath this year. Sweet and simple. The garland is made with felted wool hearts and small wooden discs left over from a project. 

Repurpose all those ornaments you don't use anymore! The gold ones pictured were my grandmothers. Tied with jute they make a nice little wreath! 

Repurpose old stuff: See this nice garland holder? It's a Pier One foot board I have had for years that I got at Goodwill for cheap. 

How is your decorating coming along? 

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  1. I love love love this.Such a creative pattern.Heart shape is so beautiful and I think this is a beautiful and unique present for Valentine day.........