Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The best 20 minutes of my life.

There is little time to post today as two littles are occupying my time. One with growth, the other with tantrums and sweet cuddling. I just wanted to share an epiphany I had yesterday. When I was in the first grade I won an award, ' Most Likely to Be A Teacher.' Not sure why I forgot this very important little piece of paper that Mrs. Doyle a very caring and wonderful teacher had given me.

 Note: Trying not to tear up as I write this.

My husband frequently reminds me that no matter how hard I work I will never make someone else's goals or dreams my own and that I need to find my own path to put my energy and creativity into in order to feel fully fulfilled. He was/ is very right. Last night, finally after 28 years of searching I found it. I cannot wait to be the best teacher I can be. 

I taught my first lesson last night on figurative language to my Principles of Learning and Assessment in a Secondary Classroom class. I walked- moreover waddled- 4 blocks with all my gear and was sweating bullets. I sat through 4 presentations and then it was my turn.

When devising my lesson I wanted it to be current and draw from my favorite things: music and performance. I chose a modern day song that middle school students would know, Katy Perry's Firework ( which looking back is quite fitting) When the song came on I started passing out papers and got goosebumps, this was it, this is what I was supposed to be doing. We worked through the song pulling out metaphors and similes and the class ate it up. I then taught about onomatopoeia and the students broke into groups to work on skits using onomatopoeic words.

My professor sat smiling the whole time ( which wasn't important to me for her approval-but it helped!)
She and the TA even let the lesson go over the 20 minute assigned time to finish the skits and for my assessment. Afterwards she took me aside and said that 'I was a natural and that she would hire me on the spot for such beautiful work.'

It felt amazing to teach in a classroom, simply amazing. While I do have about a year and a half more of teaching I can't wait to keep going. I know there is a ton of politics surrounding education, burnout, low pay and more but isn't there everywhere in every profession? I can't wait to come home from a hard day of work and think- today I did my best work and made a difference in a child's life.
That will be amazing....

On a side note, don't worry the craftiness hasn't stopped, I have a post coming soon about the Busy Bag Event and also a homemade Advent Calendar. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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