Thursday, October 6, 2011

Locals: Busy Bag Swap!

yes, I know it's wordy but there are so many great details to share. 
Sweeter Hours Busy Bag Swap  
(2s & 3s)
Important Dates: 
Swap Sign Ups: October 7th-11th 
Busy Bags Due: November 2nd 
*drop off at my home, MoCo or we can meet 
Actual Swap Date:  Saturday, November 5th 
*Holly’s House 

Swap Guidelines: 
  1. Please sign up for the swap by emailing BY 10/11. ( Be sure to actually email to be added as a participant. RSVPs on the event wall will NOT be accepted as participants.) Please put “ Sign Up- BBS” in the subject field of the email. 
Feel free to ask questions on the event facebook wall that way everyone can see responses as they may have the same question. 
 In your email be sure to include the following: 
Your Name/ Child’s Name and Age 
Contact Info
 Busy Bag Swap Idea ( please include the link to your project or a brief description ) 
 NOTE: If I receive two of the same idea I will let whoever emailed me first keep the   idea) 
2) After I receive your email you will hear from me on 10/12 as to whether you are accepted and how many bags you will need to make.  We are currently accepting up to 20 swappers ( This is our first time running a swap so please be patient with us!)  
3) Once you sign up please remember that this is a commitment. There are other moms and toddlers counting on you! It would be really sad if everyone worked hard on their bags and then you flaked out a few days before it’s due.  (sorry to be cruel but it’s true!)  Let’s all work hard to make this a great swap :) 
4) Projects should include instructions to the activity printed on paper. 
    The activity should fit into one gallon ziploc bag with a slide top ( please use a slide top as they stay closed)  
Remember bags should not cost more than $1-$1.50 each. If your bag costs less, GREAT! 
NOTE: Please note that due to this age group some activities may contain small manipulative like beads or small rocks. Please keep an eye on your child if you have concerns about them trying to eat the activity.  
  1. After I receive all the bags I will organize them all and you are able to attend the swap event to pick up. The due date of bags is mandatory as we need to be sure everyone is able to receive bags at the swap. That way if you have to be absent from the actual swap event you are covered! 
  1. SWAP EVENT: Remember the actual swap date is Saturday, November 5th. Let’s make it festive and fun. Have an idea or something you wanna bring? Email me!  Details TBA. 
7) Have fun! This is a great inexpensive way to receive lots of new activities for your child. 
What is a busy bag swap? 
It’s 5 PM and your toddler is literally crawling up your leg to play with him/her. You have to fix dinner, take out the dog(s), the baby is crying, it’s snowing, bathroom needs cleaning, laundry needs folding OR insert your busy item here________ OR you just need a few minutes peace. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new toy or project for your child to work on? Busy Bags to the rescue! If you participate in the swap you will come home with 20 bags* ( depending on the number of participants ) to stash away for that rainy day. Simply pull one out and your child instantly has something new to play with. It’s that simple. 
How old does my child have to be to participate? 
For this round we are doing 2- 3 years old. If this is successful we will introduce other ages. Feel free to participate to stock up on an older age group if your child is close to 2. ( When designing your activities please keep in mind the current age group.) 
Ok wait- do I have to be crafty?
Can you cut with scissors? Or maybe you can wield a gluestick?
 Then you’re in! Lots of activities involve things like felt, pom poms and ribbon. Remember these aren’t graded, they are fun for kiddos! 
The holidays are coming, is it expensive to take part?
Each bag should cost no more than $1-$1.50 MAX. Think recycled objects, dollar store, dollar spot, etc. You may need to be creative when you brainstorm your activity to make it fit into the budget or into your current stock of stuff around the house. It's OK to deviate from the original instructions.
Where do I find activities for a bag idea? 
Google it! There are so many awesome projects out there on blogs and other websites or maybe you can brainstorm one up yourself. Is there a particular activity that is inexpensive that your toddler enjoys? Think of using recycled items to keep costs down.  Be sure that the activity will hold up for multiple uses. ( i.e. if you are using paper for a color wheel be sure to use a heavier weight card stock) 
Some material ideas: 
Pom Poms, buttons, pennies, milk jug caps, tissue paper, papers, clothes pins, plastic utensils, beads, pipe cleaners, fake flowers, recycled cards, popsicle sticks, chopsticks, snapple caps, wedding favors, yarn and more!  
Check out some of these ideas: 
I can’t attend the actual swap date! What do I do? 
No probelmo, just be sure to provide me with your swap bags by November 2nd 
and you are welcome to come pick up your new bags another time. 
Any further questions please email: 
Thank you so much for your interest! 

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