Friday, September 30, 2011

Thinking of Hosting a Busy Bag Swap...

Greetings! What a lovely day it was out there. I attended an awesome consignment event called Consign My Closet that is all weekend. See their site for details. Ended up with the following all for $135!
-3 Puzzles, LLBean Snow Pants ( in an awesome blue hue), Kamik Snow boots, a Gymboree sweater, Gap baby socks, a FP dino set, matching game, 3 books, wooden magnetic calender, A scooter, a bouncer and much more. It's a great event if you live locally.

 I am hot on the trail of trying to get our lives ready for a new little one in our lives. So, I am really wanting to host a busy bag swap ( for locals) thinking of keeping it to 15- 30 mommas with kids ages (2-3 years old) Would you be interested ? I think I would start with 15.

Never heard of a busy bag swap? No problem, basically 15 moms each pull together 15 activity bags to be swapped. You pick a project then you pack them all up in ziplock bags. You attend the swap and you receive 15 different new bags for your kiddo! All the projects are about $1 per bag and use simple materials. See some examples below. I was thinking these would be great to pull out this winter on those crummy days when I don't want to set foot outside the house.

If you are interested please comment below or comment on facebook so I can get an idea of whether this is possible. I am sticking to locals only as to not put too much on my plate :)

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  1. We used one set for all our children. I keep them in a box and let them choose one new one each day to do. Now that they’ve opened them all, they get to choose one each to do and they have to put it back before they get out another one.