Sunday, September 11, 2011

Taking a Break

Its been a marathon day of crafting. I am taking a break.

My fingers are dyed red, my carpal tunnel has resurfaced with a vengeance and a needle narrowly just missed my eye from the sewing machine. It's that time of year again... stART on the Street!

I participated in the very first festival in 2002 when I was a sophomore in college selling paintings. Back then I didn't have a tent just a coffee table, japanese screen and a lawn chair. Simpler times...

 Start on the Street is an amazing day filled with music, food and of course local artists.
Artists and crafters work for MONTHS on pulling together stock to showcase at the event. The last week is a big push for everyone. I can imagine my artist friends studios are just as messy as mine. I'll post a photo soon...

If you live in Mass I do recommend coming to the festival as it's fun for all! Dogs, kids, pretty much everyone. Please support handmade, it keeps the world beautiful.

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