Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cord and Charger Catch All for $1!

We have a serious issue in our home. Organization with a capital O. This year I am working to get us into a groove of some sort of organizational system that will kick the clutter, recycle the junk mail and fold the laundry. I think all that is spelled M-A-I-D!

In any case one of our biggest issues is cords and chargers. There is a charger for EVERYTHING nowadays. There is one for each iPhone, the work Blackberry, the ipods, the camera, the video camera, the computer etc.  That is not even including all the earphones that go with each device! Ugh. We are up to our necks in cords and chargers! Well, I now have a system that is the answer to everyone's prayers and it cost me a whopping FREE99.

In the dollar section of Target there are often clear coupon organizers  or clear file folders. These make PERFECT cord and charger catchalls. I had one laying around and affixed a pretty Martha Stewart label I had onhand and then made little labels with the ones provided with the organizer.

In order to accommodate the bulk of the organizer I made a new little elastic tie ( mine was worn out, yours might work just fine!) I looped plain old sewing elastic around the organizer and used two little wooden beads for decoration.

There you have it! A way to store all the clutter neatly and nicely. Looking forward to your thoughts! 

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