Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweeter Hours Studio: A Tour

"It's been a long time coming....

but I know, a change gonna come, oh yes it will" 
- Sam Cooke: 

It's a very very cold room, reads 20 degrees right now- but hey, it's all mine. In this space I can close the door, crank the heat, turn up Pandora and craft out. Here's a little tour with a couple tips for your own creative space. What a wonderfully sunny window right?! 

This is a vintage bulb starter hanger from a garden shop up in NH. I am in love with anything galvanized. Looking forward to putting some plants in it come warmer weather. The  black rack behind it is a magazine holder that I use for drying watercolors. 

Inspired by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar's quote wall, I decided to paint a mirror. The quote is, " She thought she could, so she did." Love it! I look forward to finding an inspirational quote each month to keep me motivated. Any suggestions?

What a sweet vintage table right? It was the great price of FREE.  I plan to paint it a saucy color in the spring. This glass container was marked down to 5$ because it was missing a tap. Also a great find!  

 This is a wall of some accomplishments. My bachelor's degree of course and also a post card from The Edinburgh Fringe Festival where I performed. My ugly broom! I plan to get a pretty one next trip to Ikea. Oh and don't forget the sexy space heater...

I am so lucky to have these built in shelves. I am looking forward to putting wallpaper behind each shelf this spring to give the room some pop. I love using a mix of vintage and modern, showcased by the two cosmetic bags on the shelf. Vintage wooden Shaker style boxes hide thread and bobbins. Hit up the thrift stores for interesting containers and mix with regular store bought ones ( like the brown kraft photo boxes.) 

This  vintage oak desk is massive-but a perfect workspace area. I keep sewing materials in a little caddy so that they can be quickly tucked into a drawer in case I need more room. 

The orange table found a home with his mish-mosh of a cute stool I refinished and a vintage school chair. It was important that Giraffe have a space in the studio so that he can get artsy too! I encourage you to make room for your little ones in your creative environment.

A view from the desk... 

One of my first handmade creatures I just couldn't part with. 

Filled with repurposed containers these shelves are my favorite. Mixing and matching creates interest. Mmmmm vintage pyrex. 

This twig window box makes a lovely perch for these owly calendar cards from Gingiber
Here are some other lovely calendars for your creative space featured on How About Orange

I have had this old window for 8 years sitting in my garage. I had hoped one day to restore it but alas a little chicken wire and some clothespins  and it serves as a great inspiration wall! 

It may not be color coded yet BUT at least its not in paper bags strewn across the floor right? Fabric now has a home in the closet which still needs a little work. 

I have a thing for birds, don't you ? Check out Spool for the free pattern

So there you have it, a place for Sweeter Hours to grow. I have to admit, I have had a creative block since the room has been clean. I apparently thrive on mess. 
I have to retrain my brain to embrace the lack of clutter. 

I really look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on my new space. Anything you'd add? I would like to paint in the spring, any color recs? I also am pining for a rug, what color would you pick? 


  1. Holly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your craft room! What a transformation! Everything is so well organized and conducive to crafting! I see big things coming out of this room, congrats on its completion =)

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Your space is so creative and full of wonderful ideas. I love it that you have a table for your kids, too.


  3. Kolbi sent me over. Love the blog! You should check out creativesoup. Forumotion.com. It's a site full of creative ladies like you! Tell 'em Tess sent ya!

  4. Looks great--in the process of organizing my stuff right now.


  5. Ooo, what a great craft space. To my hubby's dismay, my crafting space takes up most of the house. Got to get me one of those!! Love the mirror quotes and the twig window box.