Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet Makes: Quick Cupcake Toppers

As I've gotten older I have had a really hard time buying things at the store. I do mean the regular store for our new readers, heck I could buy out the thrift store any day. Things in most stores just don't have enough character for me, thus I usually try and make things or buy second hand. 

The night before Giraffe's birthday I realized that I should probably send in some sort of goodies to celebrate the day. Out I went for organic cupcake mix. At the store I passed cupcake toppers of different sizes and styles and realized they just wouldn't do for my little one. So, I decided to make some... 

Quick Cupcake Toppers 

You'll need the following: 

- Large 1'' paper punch 
-Exacto Knife 
-Dot stickers
-Ink Pad 
-Inky Pen ( I love Japanese micro pens)
- Fun paper 

{NOTE:  Cork stamping is NOT a new idea. I have seen this technique featured on a number of sites ( who seem to claim its their idea) and in a few crafting books. Martha has a nice tutorial for clothes. So please, don't think I was this brilliant.} 

1) To begin draw out the design or letter you wish to use for your stamp. Try and keep it simple as you will be carving it later.  Then, while the ink is still wet place your cork on top to absorb some of the ink. After you have a basic outline on the cork draw it in a little darker. As you'll notice the design will be backwards on your stamp. Perfect! 

2) Begin carefully carving around the outline of the letter in small sections. It's a bit of a tedious process but well worth it. 

3) This is what your stamp should look like. It's ready for stamping! 

4) Test your stamp on scrap paper to see what color ink you would like to use. In the end I chose black because it showed up best on the polka dot paper. 

5) Stamp on the good paper and be sure to leave some space in between for the paper punch. I first chose green ink but then switched to green as it was more visible. 

6) After stamping, place the punch around your design or letter and punch away! 

7) Allow ink to fully dry. Flip over and place a toothpick in the middle then take a dot sticker and push down on the toothpick and paper. Easy right? Press firmly. ( You may rip the sticker a bit, no worries its on the back)  That's it! 

8) Enjoy! You could even use them for appetizers. 

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  1. Hi! I host a weekly blog hop -- It's a Keeper Thursdays. I'd love for you to stop by and link up!

    Christina @ It's a Keeper

  2. this is super easy, I love how the big B looks, great idea, I will use it in my next party, thanks!

  3. I've never seen a cork stamp so I think you're brilliant! But I've already known that for a while now about you. Great job and finished cupcakes look awesome!


  4. Cute and easy, love the rustic quality of the stamp. Thanks for linking up to Beyond The Picking Fence.

  5. Super cute idea!
    You can use my 1" designs to use as cupcake toppers - check them out, you might like them, Great for girls birthday party

  6. Very Cute...I might just have to use this at a bridal shower I'm hosting this weekend...thank you much!