Sunday, February 20, 2011

Homemade Butter and Sweet n' Sneaky Pudding

I had lofty craft goals for this long weekend but alas a cold has taken me down. I haven't been sick in so long that I honest to goodness thought I was having an allergic reaction to a cookie last night. Silly me. It came on so sudden and I had some difficulty breathing.  Thank goodness I didn't call 911. Whew!

In any case, I did have some dear friends over last night for dinner. At the last minute I decided to run to the store for salad fixings and decided to buy some heavy whipping cream for butter. Mind you, I have never made butter in my life but I have always been intrigued since seeing this. WOW. Homemade butter is MIND BLOWINGLY good.

Homemade Garlic & Herb Butter

2 cups heavy whipping cream 
1 1/2 tsp salt 
1tsp dried herbs ( I used Herbs to Provence) 
1 garlic clove ( I used two but I suggest one) 

Pour cream into food processor or food chopper and blend for 8 minutes. Add garlic clove and herbs and pulse again. Pour out excess liquid and blend again. Store in airtight container. 

My little Giraffe has a thing for chocolate pudding. While on a non-eating binge he refused to eat anything but pudding so, I had to become inventive. Cabot sells a wonderful vanilla greek yogurt that is so creamy you'd swear it was vanilla pudding and it has 18grams of protein! I often add chia seeds for added nutrients as they are a magical food. Super high in omegas, protein and fiber. We purchase ours from Navitas at Wholefoods. They are also great in muffins and other baked goods. 

Sweet & Sneaky Pudding 

1 cup Cabot Vanilla Greek Yogurt 
1 heaping tablespoon All Natural Kozy Shack Pudding 
Optional: 1/2 tsp chia seeds 

Combine together and serve! 

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  1. Hello from a new follower. Found you on 'Just something i whipped up'. I love the butter idea!!! And the pudding as I am always looking for ways to pack for nutrients into my kids diets!! I Hope to see more of you!!

  2. Looks easy! The video is so sweet!!!! Adorable!
    Homemade butter sounds amazing and who doesn't want to try sweet and sneaky pudding?! Thanks for sharing!

    I hope you're feeling better!


  3. What a fun post- love the "sweet 'n sneaky" pudding! I always sneak super healthy foods into my toddler's treats. I feel much better about him getting a sweet snack when it's loaded with nutrients! I'll have to try the chia seeds with the Cabot Greek Yogurt! Thanks for the Cabot mention- we appreciate your support!