Friday, January 21, 2011

Sweet Things: Another *&$^#@ snow day! This time mommy is prepared...

It's Friday, yet another snow day. It's up to you to decide if you think I swore in my title. It is not yet 8AM as I am writing this and I was already was told by my two year old, " Mommy, timeout." Peed on the floor and spilled a container of o's all over his room. I know, lovely

 I am deciding to have a positive attitude about this snow day. Today will be different. Today, I will embrace the snow with creativity and grace. Why? Because I have to or I will run screaming from the house out into the snow in my pajamas begging for the plow man to take me away. 

I read a handful of homeschooling blogs and I am always enthralled with the ways they manage to entertain their kids every single day. For Sweet Things today, I am going to feature some of the best ideas I have seen for educational ( yet crafty) projects so that YOU TOO can keep the crazies away today. 

BAKE: Get your kids baking! Toddlers love to mix and cut and do all the things adults do in the kitchen but on a wee level. 
  • I have always wanted to try this recipe Healthy Pop Tarts from Heavenly Homemakers. Looks super easy and toddler friendly. I suggest making shapes with cookie cutters to liven it up. 
  • A list of fun finger foods from 

MAKE SOMETHING: No you don't need to be crafty so get that out of your head! Little ones have such creative brains its amazing to watch them color and paint. 
  • Card Craft: Have some holiday cards hanging around? Cut them up and give your toddler some glue. Start gluing! My son always comes home with these types of projects at school. He LOVES glue! 
  • Potato Stamps: We've all done this project at some point. Cut a potato in half and cut in a little design. Be simple! Stars, hearts, circles. Give them some paint and paper. Stamp away! 
  • Pudding Finger Paints- Enough said! 
  • Does your toddler like to color? FamilyFun has a list of free coloring page printables

DO SOMETHING: Toddlers always want to be doing something. So, let's do something. 
  • One of favorite ideas that my daycare provider told me about was snow painting. Check out the tutorial here from one of my daily read blogs, I am Momma Hear Me Roar.  This looks awesome! 
  • Build A Fort: Pull two chairs together drape a sheet over it. We did this last snow day and Giraffe played cars in it for at least an hour! Someday I'll make this
  • Dance Party. Throw on some tunes and rock out. My son loves when we dance. 
  • Plant a bean in a cup. While this one takes some time its still fun. Start by soaking some kidney beans. Talk about what will happen to the bean. Read Jack & The Beanstalk. Plant the bean in some soil in a small cup. Water bean daily and in a few days it will sprout! 
Good luck today. It's going to be tough but we can do it. How do you entertain your kids on a snow day? What types of projects? recipes ? Enlighten us all. 

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