Monday, July 23, 2012

Mama's Twisted Tea and Meet the Pups

Happy Birthday to me. This is the LAST year of my 20s. It's a little bittersweet. I plan to rock my 30s though don't worry.

 My gift to you, a recipe of epic proportions! It's easy. Sweet tea, twisted style! My cousin-in-law introduced me to a wonderful new sweet tea vodka. It is so delicious you might need to cancel the rest of your day and just sit in a hammock somewhere with a big ol' mason jar.  Good luck getting out of the hammock. You might want to plan on sleeping there.

 Run, don't walk to the liquor store and score some of Deep Eddy Sweet Tea flavored vodka. This doesn't taste like vodka. It tastes like heaven. Skip the cheezy 18 year old Twisted Teas and grow up. This is your new drink trust me. Pin it. Please. Share the wealth.
I have to mention, Deep Eddy did not pay me to do this post. I wish he would though. In vodka. 

1 oz of Sweet Eddy's Vodka 
Couple Slices of fresh lemon 
Newman's Own Organic Lemonade
Ice Cubes  

Combine it all with some ice and enjoy the sweet southern taste of heaven. You could even add mint and a little honey if you want to get fancy. I like to drink it in a mason jar to show off my Kentucky roots. I invite you to as well. 

On a totally separate note. Did you know I have 3 dogs? Yea, I said 3. Yup, we are insane. 3 dogs, 2 kids. Amazingly we all manage to co-exist peacefully. Here they are in all their glory. The photos really do capture their personalities. Terrance is the oldest ( and wisest) Salisbury ( or Sals, or Salisbury Steak) is the youngest. Dutchess ( yes I know it's spelled wrong, inside family joke) and I hold it down as the only females in the house. Sometimes I call her ' Big D.' 

Hope you are having a sweet day! 

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