Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Story of My Climber

( Not a crafty post: We are in a really awful place today as parents and worried sick that our child will come out of his room tonight. It may be a rant but maybe you can sympathize because you too have an orangutan for a child? All I can do is write as it makes me feel a little better. )

I remember when he started to climb.

 At 10 months he started to climb the changing table- the mecca of the nursery. I recall being devastated when we had to get rid of the table and all the things for changing were all over this room. Think about how much time you spent stocking that little table with all their little things.  SO much for efficient diaper changes. We bolted every heavy piece of furniture to the wall with furniture straps.

At 14 months he climbed out of his crib. At nap time, I heard him whimpering over the monitor, came upstairs to him on the other side of the bars like a spider monkey. We put his mattress on the floor and took down the crib that day. Months later we got a toddler bed.

We had a pack in play for vacations- he climbed out of that too. We didn't sleep all vacation.

Then he started climbing gates. We had bought a two pack of gates that we felt were sturdy and safe. They had diamond openings throughout. Silly us. He climbed them in a heartbeat. We went out and bought 100$ a piece gates with vertical metal slats to keep from getting out of his room or down the stairs. Or so we thought...

Windows became a game. He climbed on top of the heaters and began to unlock and open his windows. He's pulled furniture over to the windows. We took the furniture out.  In this room he has a window seat that can't be removed that he began to scale. He climbed up and opened the windows. We attached safety devices, he took them off. We attached mesh safety covers to the windows- they work for now. On the window seat windows we had to nail them shut. 

Today at 2.5 years old he climbed over his gate. We thought it was a fluke, how in the hell could he climb vertical bars?! Well, he could, and he can.  Needless to say, there was no nap today. We were worried about the gate at the top of the stairs. We put him to bed and he climbed the gate, then proceeded to climb the stair gate and come downstairs. He can go up and down stairs with ease but we can't have a 2 year old wandering around the house while we are asleep at night. I am not sure if I'll sleep again. 

There is nothing that can hold him. 

I still haven't figured out what we are going to do. I had to stay him his room until he went to sleep. 
I have heard some say well, you just need to watch him. Agreed, but don't parents have to sleep too? I did some research tonight and found this is a common issue. America has lots of climbing toddlers. Sadly, I only know mine. 

Some interesting suggestions include: 
- Vaseline or Cooking Oil on the Bars ( WTH?) 
- Saw his door in half and attach a lock. 
- Install a screen door with a lock. 

 This mama is tired and worried about what tonight will bring. I love him and just want him to be safe. Have you experienced this ?  Maybe you have a friend who has? How do they keep monkeys in their rooms at night? 

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