Sunday, May 8, 2011

(Disclaimer: I hesitated posting this to my blog as I have worked hard to give SweeterHours some form ( ie crafting, creative toddler endeavors) but then I remembered that this is my outlet and it's for my feelings that I share with you whether they be dipped beautifully in white paint or not. It's a serious post so if you are looking for something light, skip it. ) 

 When I became a mother I was so excited that finally Mother's Day would be mine and that I would make it a wonderful day of celebrating the joys of my own motherhood journey with Giraffe. I will not get into my relationship with my own mother as it's long, very complicated, and non-existent for the sake of my and my family's well being. Let's just say Dr. Susan Forward's book has a very special place on my shelf and I refer to it often.

 I  did receive affection from many as a child and that is how I know how to love and show affection. Other family, teachers, coaches and other friends parents would say ' If you ever need a parent, I'm here.' But a parent is a hard thing to borrow because you always have to give them back and go home.

I have read a lot about how to cope with grief through the 'parent holidays.' They say to remember the good times, look at photos and the like. Instead, I choose to live in the moment of today and remember that what I am doing, raising my son, is important and the most important thing I will ever do.  Someone I know posted this video today and it is so very wonderful. It is a tad corny and goosebumpy but I had to re-share it.

Happy Mother's Day to anyone who has helped love a child who needed it. 

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