Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not so Thrifty Thursday...

I know, I missed What He Wore Wednesday. We are having some camera trouble here...
In any case, we just returned from a lovely little vacation to see my relatives and to play in Philly. 

In this edition of Thrifty Thursday I have to confess, I did not have a very thrifty shopping trip to the PaperSource in Philly. Have you ever been to a PaperSource? I haven't- for a GOOD reason. I knew I would spend too much. It's like a candy store for people like me. So many beautiful things. Ah.  I did buy some nice things and I totally feel guilty about it but you know, sometimes a lady just has to treat herself. Right? It's not like I bought another purse or pair of shoes... 

On to the splurge.... 

A beautiful set of Orla pencils. I actually drooled when I saw them. They look lovely on my work desk. 

Business cards for stamping. In a lovely ochre and muted green. 150 to be exact. Can't wait til my custom stamp comes in!

A new stamp pad in Chestnut for my business cards.  I have never tried the chalk ink before and it really looks beautiful on their papers. I learned how they do stamps with different colors with their cat eye stamps. Oh so cool. It would be so pretty on cards! 

Some lovely papers for sewn pennants, cute little paper flags and some lovely folders. ( The site didn't have photos of these pretty things) 

A Sweet Handmade stamp for the back of my business cards. 

We had a nice trip and it's good to be home! 

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  1. Oh no - I can't go there. I'm like you. I want. I want. I want. lol You found some pretty things! I love the idea of stamping for a business card!

    May is going to be crazy for me too. I don't know where to begin! lol

    TGIF! :)