Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mantles: How to Decorate Between the Seasons

 After each and every holiday I cringe at the thought of redecorating my mantel. I love to decorate don't get me wrong but there are certain times of year where its tough to pick something. I am not fully committed to spring as there is still a righteous amount of snow almost blocking my backdoor and the St. Valentine's chocolate is long gone. Le sigh.

There are 4 few rules I follow when decorating any space in my home:

1) I try not use store bought decor items if I can help it. ( aka Pier One paintings)  Remember that found objects are always best. Vintage buys are chic, save you money and don't look contrived.

2) Fake shrubbery and flowers are ok... in moderation. Silk can work within reason. I don't know many people who can afford real flowers weekly.

3) Have FUN with decorating.  Remember, your home doesn't have to look the same way it did when you moved in. I am always changing things around, that is what keeps it interesting and your guests always guessing! Just this morning I had someone say,' You changed it all around!" made my heart jump.

4) Lastly, keep it all in the same theme. I say this only because I want you to learn from my mistakes. Case in point? I have a BRIGHT RED KITCHEN. Why? Because I went through a red phase. It matches nothing else in my home. Keep your new favorite colors to your clothes and accessories NOT your walls. ( The exception to this rule is kids rooms. )

Let's play a bit... 

Some tulips that have a few more days tops, a photo of Bay and I in a beautiful Potterybarn mustard frame I snagged at the thrift store last year for $2, a thriftstore Winterthur print in a terrible frame. Some dried lavender from last years garden, a teacup, galvanized lantern, a Crate and Barrel crystal candle holder and candle and a fake shrub. Kinda boring...let's jazz it up a bit...

Way to many things. Lots of cool things but they don't work all that well together. Why? Too many items at the same height. Too similar colors and feel. Moving on...

Ok, getting closer here. Still lots of objects. Like the height of the window shutter but it still looks a bit cluttered and a little too close together.

Can we just stop and take a peek at this owl. Isn't he beautiful? It's my husbands, a lovely old owl flute from some antique store. Next:

Mmmmm. Not feeling it. I do love the green mixed in but the flowers will die soon and then the whole look will be shot. Do you love the vintage MASS plate? It was my grandfathers. Someday I will buy a vintage Jag and put those plates on it. Ah, to dream.

Success! Why it works: Love the differences in height. Similar color schemes across the board with a pop of green and yellow from one of my old watercolors. Break down: Old interior window shutter from our house, antique owl, vintage mason jar with twigs leftover from the holidays, yummy old books and one of my prized possessions: a little ceramic jar from Antro I got for 50 cents. 
And there you have it. I'll update soon for spring.

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One more thing: 

See that lovely muslin pillow in the front? 
I'll teach you how to make it next week. 

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  1. i love the owl flute!!! great ideas:)

  2. I really liked the one with the soon-to-be dead flowers! But then, I like colour. :) Nice vignette. Great tips.