Thursday, January 13, 2011


Holy snow. We have a lot of snow. Spent the day entertaining Giraffe, it was quite fun!

During my blog reading tonight I read a new post series from I am Momma Hear Me Roar, a lovely craft blog by a momma, Cheri. She is doing a weekly post called, Wake Up Wednesday. Basically she is working on stretching herself a bit more each week by doing a variety of things for others. Last week she made lentil soup for a lady at her church she didn't know well which was a big hit. 

This week she plans to give compliments to strangers. I love this idea! Think about when you are in the grocery store and you are passing another shopper. You both lock eyes for a moment and then look away. Perfect opportunity to SMILE say hello and say, hope you have a nice day! I plan to employ this throughout the week to see how it goes.  Maybe I've been feeling a little lonely lately with all this snow but I feel like we humans have lost our sociability. Texts, tweets, facebook and email are the culprits and I would like to get back to what we do best.  Face to face human interaction... 

On an unrelated note lots of things are happening on the craft front. I am branching out and starting something new! Robay Studio will still be around but in a different capacity. Stay tuned for announcements on that at a later date. After our last show, my biz partner and I have realized that we are on different pages. She knits (and is damn good at it),  I sew, I use modern fabrics, she uses vintage. We love working together and will still but we are moving on out to the east side, or so they say. Looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead, now if I could just get my studio finished...

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  1. We don't have snow here but I know the feeling of longing for human interaction. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment :)