Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SweetReads: Handmade Living By Lotta Jansdotter

If I could live in a book, this is definitely one I would settle into. Handmade Living By Lotta Jansdotter is like a honeyed dose of creme fraiche into the drab Pottery Barn/ Crate & Barrel life I live in.   Growing up, I lived for a bit in a little town in NH that could have been a mini Finland and have always loved Scandinavian style.

I must confess I got the book from the library as I had seen her totes in passing. Let's just say the book is quite overdue...

 As a screenprinter,  Lotta uses many of her own fabrics for her projects. I am in love with these funky pillows as they would look perfect in Giraffe' room. I must find them.

Even recipe cards laid across a table look good in this book... 

And she even quilts. She confesses that she doesn't quilt well. I admire this. Embrace the mistakes... 

 For you recipe hounds there are lots of lovely dressy meals and even cinnamon buns !

If you're feeling in the DIY mood, feel free to give this yam stamping a try from an old Etsy Labs video.  
I know I will! 

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