Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whip It Up Wednesday: Plague & A Show & Tell Short Tutorial

For this week's installment of Whip It Up Wednesday I have kept it easy as this was a project from a month ago.  A plague of epic proportions has fallen on our house, to me only, thankfully. It started with chills, then extreme body aches and then more that I won't divulge. Let's just say I am delicately sipping luke warm water in hopes that it stays with me.

In the beginning of the Fall, Giraffe and I started to take daily walks around the neighborhood sans a stroller so he could really get into the walk.  We pass a big huge oak tree that drops millions of acorns, or  " A-COONS" as Giraffe says. He would always stop and pick up as many as he could and put them in his pockets.
If you have a child in school, daycare or you yourself went to school, you are familiar with Show-and- Tell. Well, one day it was the letter 'A' so Giraffe decided he wanted to bring his acorns. I had to dream up a way for them to be transported to school without the risk of small children choking:

I placed the acorns in a small plastic bag I recycled. 

Then simply did a zig-zag stitch around them making a little pocket that couldn't be opened by little fingers. Simple as that! I think I may use this tactic for other small items as well, buttons, rocks etc.

What is your child's favorite thing to bring for show and tell ?

Ok, off to get better... I wish you wellness!

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