Monday, November 1, 2010

Simple is always best, plus a Giveaway!

About a month ago I was in a stunning wedding in CT. With short hair there isn't much one can do to look dressy, but I figured out a way! TWA ( teeney weeney afros) need some love too! 

 The newest craze in bridal is feathers, LOTS of feathers. We had about a hundred feathers left from the bridal shower decor so I decided to make some.  On Etsy clips can run upwards of 100$! Really, for feathers?! I refuse to pay that much. I whipped up some simple accessories for the whole bridal party and they were a hit! 


- Peacock Feathers ( or really any feathers) Try shopping online as craft stores can be pricey. 
- Fabric, silk, or ribbon 
-Piece of felt 
- Gluegun
-Clip ( Bought mine in the roller section of Sally Beauty Supply ) 

-Headband ( picked mine up at Walmart for $5), in the photo below I just tucked the clip under the headband. No glue involved!  

Begin by attaching your fabric to the top part of your clip with glue. I used remnants from our dress alterations so the fabric was the lovely price of free! 

Attach felt to the top of your clip. This is where the feathers will lay. 

Trim your feathers down if you like and dab on some glue. Tip: To avoid glue strings bead glue and then release the trigger. Move your hand in a circular motion until the glue pulls back from your project.

Begin laying the feathers down one by one and pat gently. Be sure to cover your clip. 

Voila! You have a custom hair piece for a bridal event, birthday party or a night on the town! 

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! 

GIVEAWAY: SweeterHours FIRST Giveaway!!!!  Please leave a comment about your fav accessory and why you love it so. A winner will be chosen Friday November 5th. The prize: a custom hand stamped necklace all boxed up, nice and pretty.  Great gift for the holidays! 

Let the comments begin! 


  1. Gorgeous pic of you, Holly! Love it! Okay, so my fave accessory is a pair of earrings. I always wear them b/c I feel like they add a little life to my face. :)
    Btw, love that you're writing more!

  2. Love the feather clip on you! My favorite accessory is a necklace... I like big ones with "quiet tops". Makes the outfit!

  3. My fav accessory are a cheap pair of silver-ish disk earings I got on clearance at target. The go with everything and they make me look exotic. :)

  4. My favorite accessory are chunky silver earrings - they can really spice up an otherwise unexciting outfit!

  5. Definitely earrings! I don't have a favorite pair - they just have to be dangly. I feel naked without earrings.

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  7. I love necklaces and bracelets... They can make any outfit look dressed up...
    -and I love the feather clips...

  8. I love big rings with bold stuff on them. I love to make them and wear them as well! They are my current fave accessory :) But flowers and feather hair clips are a close second!

  9. I just found your blog through and this is a great tutorial. That last photo is AMAZING--you look gorgeous!
    I'm a pretty "plain jane" kinda gal but my longtime fave accessory is a looooong jersey scarf. It's a light tissue knit so it can be worn year round but it's sooo warm in the winter and uber cute. My fashionista 7 year old is always stealing it to dress up... And I call her a fashionista because at 24 months old she refused to leave the house one day because "these are not the right *accessories*!" Crazy kid! :)

  10. My favorite accessory would be pearls. I love to wear a simple pearl pendent necklace and simple pearl earrings. what a lovely tutorial, thanks for sharing.