Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Confession Time: Fabric Addict

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A wise, wise woman once said, " Remember, money is just paper." I've been trying to live by this mantra. That said, I am brainstorming product for an upcoming holiday craft show. Stashbusting is a MUST. For all of you non-crafters this means- clearing out all the crap you collected to one day turn into a treasure. For us artisans it means stare a pile of fabric and wish you were  a combo of Martha Stewart and I Dream of Jeanie.

I have a confession, I just can't stop buying fabric. There are so many pretty patterns and so many endless ways to decorate life. I always browse for interesting textures that could be one of a kind gems. Like today, I went to Savers and found a caboodle of leather scraps. You'd be proud, I didn't buy any! But I was sure close. So close I could taste it.

Last night I went to Joann Fabrics, which is having a deadly Midnight Madness sale on most everything. and to top it all off, I had coupons. COUPONS!  Flannels, cords, sherpa, EVERYTHING was on sale. You know what this does to someone like me ? If you don't craft, or call yourself artistically challenged think shoes, imagine all your favorite shoes were like 60% off. Wouldn't you buy out the store ? In any case, I ended up leaving with the bank account entact, I purchased the ingredients for Giraffe's Halloween costume, to be revealed soon..., some flannel for a car blankie and of course TWO interesting patterns that will serve has handbag liners that I couldn't pass up for 1.50 a yard.

My goal for this next craft show is to stashbust as much as humanely possible. I vow to not purchase another stitch of fabric for sewing, not another button for attaching, not a single lovely tube of paint. I will work from what I have and be insanely creative. Ok, you must hold me to this- I promise to update you on my recovery.

It feels good to get this off my chest I have to say! What are your addictions ?

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