Sunday, August 22, 2010

If all else fails... Finger Paint!

You know those days. We all have them. We all loathe them. The Giraffe is in full out tantrum mode, dinner isn't started, laundry has started speaking a second language and the beds aren't made. ( oh yeah and you haven't showered in a day... or two) I have decided to fight tantrums with creativity. We have dance parties ( Giraffe loves Greenday & Radiohead), we run around the front yard playing with water and now we FINGER PAINT.
As the green bug has nested in this home for a few years I of course sought out an all natural finger paint. Little Birdie Art, a kids art center in Greenwich, CT sells an array of kiddie art products including organic finger paint! The dyes are natural veggie based colors and smell great. They also sell an wonderful natural playdough.

I think that it is important to let kids get dirty. Far too often I see moms holding their babies and kids back from playing because they are afraid they will get dirty or germy. Guess what? Kids are washable! ( It's my new saying, maybe I should trademark it!) Germs and dirt boost kid's immune systems. Let'em get dirty! I am hoping the next generation of kids bans tricolosan and

Let the painting begin! I loved the texture of this paint. It came in squeeze bottles that were easy to squirt on the paper. Because it's au naturalle it should be stored in the fridge between uses. Remember to use freezer paper or finger painting paper as the paint can absorb right through. I like Melissa & Doug's paper for 5.99.

He started off a little timid

But soon got the hang of it!

Happy Boy.
Yes, he did eat it but only once!

We exprimented by putting the paint in a plastic top. I wanted to see if he would apply it to the paper. He did....

Works of Art!

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