Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tutorial: Ten Minute Wine Bag

It's that time of year again. Countless cookouts, soirees and a boat load of birthdays. Do you sometimes feel like you just can't keep up? This weekend we had a few parties to attend and I whipped up a quick, yet thoughtful, wine bag to perk up a cheapy (yet tasty) bottle of wine.

I don't like to measure anything. I stink at using a ruler so... this project requires NO measuring! (Hence the 10 mintutes part.) Hide your rulers!

Ten Minute Wine Bag


-2 Pieces of Coordinating Fabric ( I used leftover canvas and vintage fabric from my last tutorial)
- A bottle of wine for sizing ( and another full glass to drink while sewing)
-2 funky paperclips ( these were from a pack at Target left over from our wedding but I recently saw some pretty ones at Dollar Tree)
- Scissors, Pinker Shears Thread, Sewing Machine, Pen

1) As I mentioned no measuring. Take your bottle and eyeball its length and width and cut fabric accordingly in a rectangle. Remember this is a wine bag, not an evening gown there is no need to be perfect.
3) You will cut two pieces out. You can even use the first piece to trace the rest. This photo reflects that I was making two different bags hence the two pieces of canvas. I ended up using one flower side and one canvas side for my bags.

4) Sewing wrong sides facing inwards sew a 1/4" border.

5) Now take some pinker shears and cut the sides. After cutting take the top of the bag and fold over about an inch and sew a hem around the top of the bag. You could leave it raw and pinker the top if you wanted to.

For a more finished look you can turn the bag inside out but make sure you sew with the right sides together.

6) Your bag will now look like this!

7) Now for the bag's tie. Cut a 2'' by 12'', remember to eyeball strip and press it in half.

8) Sew up the sides and corners leaving one end out so that you can turn it. Clip excess and turn using a chopstick or a safety pin. Canvas is tough to turn.

9) To attach your decorative paper clips pierce right through the ends of the bag. No need to sew the open end close as the paper clip will keep it closed.

10) And here is your wine bag ready for giving! ( Or serving!)

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