Friday, July 16, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: New Savers!

I know its Friday, I'm a day late on this post. Considering the fact that I have had about 7 hours sleep in the past two days I think we can let it slide. Don't you ?

Well, there is a new Savers in town! It is much closer than the other one so this makes me happy. Yup, my priorities have sure changed, prior to baby I would leap out of my cubicle for a successful pitch call - now, I get hot for vintage tableware and doilies.

Bay and I climbed in the car despite his crankiness and made the trek. I will say I have never been to a busier thrift store. The staff was SO friendly a manager came over to me and asked if I was finding everything ok and TWO count that two associates smiled and said hello. I was shocked. You don't even find that kind of service at Walmart.

Finds of the day: We made a beeline for kids clothes and found a cute GAP navy rain jacket for $2.97, 3T. After this find I decided to not push my luck with his highness. I scored two lovely fabric patterns, a pretty red floral the companion to another fabric I found a few weeks ago and also a gorgeous blue upholstery fabric that will go swimmingly with a chair I want to redo. I also found a lovely vintage juice container for Etsy.

Looking forward to being a regular at this store!

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  1. I saw it on my way to Target and thought you'd be psyched!