Friday, April 16, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Last Week

In our new little feature ' Thrifty Thursdays' I will be chronicling my adventures of thrift shopping with my little guy. We usually go thrifty at least once per week for items needed as my little one has had a growth spurt or for my Etsy shop, ROBAY STUDIO. I hunt for unique pieces of pottery, glassware and fabric of course.

Thrifty Thursday' Tip of the Week: Never underestimate the power of used kids clothing. It not only saves you boat loads of cash but your child will be ultra styling in clothes that not everyone else has. Hunt for quality brands: L.L. Bean, LandsEnd, GAP, anyth
ing Hannah Andersson, OshKosh, handmade sweaters- you get the idea!

Before purchasing find the nearest window and inspect clothes meticulously. If there is a stain you may not be able to get it out- BUT if its a quality piece and there is a tiny stain ask yourself, can I add a cute patch?

I built my sons wardrobe off of thrifting while pregnant and was able to garner some really unique items.Sooo- Get out there and thrift!

Thrifty Thursday Report ( LAST week):
This week we traveled to a new gem the Grafton Thrift Store and our favorite Savers. We had a WONDERFUL week and only spent $40.00.

At the Grafton Thrift Store we were able to get the following for 10.00!
- A gently used pair of women's Kamik boots
- A brand new pair of Clarks men's shoes in my husband's size! ( this was a rare find, he actually desperately needed a new pair of work shoes)
- A LandsEnd polo for baby
- A pink piggy ( the baby picked out)
- A Gymboree romper for a friend

Savers was a great day as well. We were on the hunt for fabric as we have a huge craft show coming up, vintage glass ware for summer, fall baby clothes. For $30.00 we left with:
- 6 baby board books all like new!
- 4 yards of floral Amy Butler Fabric ( can't wait to use this)
- 2 pairs of baby shorts
- two baby gap sweaters
-2 baby shirts for fall
- A wool skein ( for a dryer ball I'm making)
- A modern pillowcase ( for a pillowcase dress)

FIND OF THE DAY: This awesome shelfy thing that will be turned into a new piece for the baby's room. Price: $6.99! Tune in to find out what a sander and some paint can do:

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