Sunday, October 19, 2014

To the girl in the back at Zumba

Dear Girl in the Back at Zumba,

I was once you.

I stood in the back stumbling and swearing. In my head I thought  How does everyone get it but me? What is wrong with these people?? Why are they so freaking happy ? These moves are SO hard! I am never coming back. My lungs just might explode. 

I wore all black just like you.

I wore three sports bras so I wouldn't bounce.

I wore a sweatshirt to cover up. ( and almost died sweating more than once)

I didn't smile ONCE (even though the instructor would get in my face and tell me to)

Just like you I came up with excuses not to go to class, even though inside I was dying to go.

My mind became a toxic cesspool of ' I can'ts' and ' I won'ts.'

I felt too fat to dance. I worried everyone, and their mother, would look at me and think, " she is too fat to be here."

Then, something changed. 

I thought to myself, I LOVE to dance and I don't care what other people think. I deserve to be here just like every other person in this room. 

I eventually got the moves. I still have those accidental solos. ( There are no mistakes in Zumba)

I moved up to the third row, then second, then front.

I started to wear color to class.

I bought a VERY supportive but comfortable sports bra.

I became proud of who I was at Zumba. Class was a place where I could act silly, sexy and sassy at the same time.

People started to notice. Not the typical comments of " Did you lose weight?" but moreover, " There's something different about you, but I am not sure what it is." I grew an epic confidence within me that carried me into my regular day.

Girl in the back at Zumba class, You deserve to be in the room. You are worthy of shaking it like Shakira even if you feel you look like Elaine Benes. If you put in the effort you will not only do something tremendous for your health, you will gain confidence for life. Keep dancing and smiling, the rest will come.

See you in class.

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  1. YAY holly!! So glad you found your thing! Wish I could see you teach!