Monday, July 2, 2012

SweetRumpus Vintage!

I have lots of dreams. We all do. One of mine: to open a vintage/ handmade marketplace. At the moment it is simply not possible so- thankfully Etsy exists! I recently added a new section to my shop that will feature vintage finds for sale. Be sure to come back and check it out often.

There is just something about vintage pieces. They tell a story that new things can't tell. When I find a vintage item at a salvage or thrift shop it almost speaks to me. That may sound weird but even when I was little I had a thing for old stuff. How gorgeous is this Jadeite vase. Simply stunning. I call this the Martha Stewart color.

One of my favorite pieces is this Finish mushroom bowl. If I was a bowl, I would be this. Seriously! It is made of enamel and highly collectable. People love these as do I.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend. Here's to a Wednesday holiday this week!


  1. I call that Martha Stewart green too! I think you and I are soul sisters!!!! Hahaha! I want cabinets that color or slightly darker.

  2. That's my dream too! I have an etsy shop but I would love to have my own store filled with all the lovely things I like to make and other crafters wares. I think I would have an online shop as well.