Tuesday, July 31, 2012

High End Ceramic Owls for $1

I was throwing a Woodland themed shower and needed to find some cute decor. I wanted some modern looking owls and I have seen some beautiful ones at Pottery Barn and West Elm for waaaay too much money. My first place to look for party goods is Dollar Tree. There are so many treasures lurking deep in the store. You can pretty much find anything there for party decor. Really you can! It's important to look broadly. Think in shapes and colors.

I found this oddly colored owl ( seriously does the Dollar Store not consult anyone on colors of anything?!) He has some great little features but is a bit crazy looking..... look deep into his eyes...

A little coat of magical spray paint.... 

Tada! He looks like a million bucks huh? Yup, only 1$.  
They are currently at the Dollar Tree stores now, go get some! 

I'll be posting some more shots from the woodland shower soon. Stay tuned! 

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