Friday, July 1, 2011

SweetMakes: 4th of July Cake Bunting and Flags

I don't like baking. There I said it!  The thought of following a recipe makes my skin crawl... I cheated this time and bought the TJ's box mix and frosting mix for my husband's birthday today. Chocolate on chocolate cupcakes, simple enough, but they needed something else.

Enter cake bunting! 

 I had heard of this phenomenon thru KiKilaru the Etsy shop of May All Seasons Be Sweet to Thee ( lovely blog!)  sometime ago but it really has taken on the world of cakes by storm. Here's a few of my favorites :

Inspired? Wanna make your own? 

Easy 4th of July Cake Bunting and flags 

( my apologies for no photos of the process, I was rushing to finish my husband's birthday dinner party


Blue & Red Cardstock or fabric
Avery Labels
Triangle template
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Bakers Twine
Small dowels cut down to size or skewers

1) Draw up a small triangle. Trace your triangle template out on to your fabric or cardstock and cut.
2) Feed your triangles into your machine stitching together. You can also hand stitch together fabric and leave a bit of thread on the ends for tying if you do not want to use bakers twine.
3) Fold your bakers twine in half and stitch to each end of bunting.
4) For your white flags roll the end of a toothpick onto an Avery Label and clip the corners into a triangle. Simple right? Pinch the top of the label so it will stay. You could even write little notes on each!
5) Tie the ends of the bunting onto the dowels or skewers in a bow or just a knot and let the ends hang.

These look lovely with cupcakes, whoopie pies, even platters of cookies! Use your creativity and try different colors and sizes.

Happy Birthday to my love! 
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