Monday, June 20, 2011

SweetMakes: Trashy to Lovely

To begin.... Welcome new followers! Hope you like what you see.
 How sweet of you to join us! 

Time has been something I am short of. How about you? I am back to planning blog posts and have a few little gems lined up in the queue. We are in the middle of a few big home projects ( we bough FIVE GALLONS of paint this weekend...) so I am trying to make time for everything! This week is a standby, thrifting: 

Oh the joys of thrifting. We have this wonderful resource in our area called the Wachusett Recycling Center. They have a small little house where everything is free. I love the ring of the word 'free'. Don't you? The key is finding the good stuff and being able to go in with an open mind. You must vow to not be afraid to pick and dig or be scared by objects d' art that really can't be described. 

I happened upon these interesting linen pictures that someone spent $40 dollars on each back in the day ( the price tag was on the back.) I grabbed them thinking they might make a great bulletin board. 

After removing the horrible linen I painted the frames with a beautiful Kryon spray paint ( Blue Ocean, I believe.) I then covered one in a leftover canvas and the other with a decorator fabric I scored at Gather Here in Cambridge.  I then strung a little kitchen cotton around to create a little spot for slipping in photos or cards ( saw this over at Homework by Carolyn, she's great! )

I then added some covered clothespins and pin flags. Volia! I love making trash into treasure! 

Have you made any treasures lately? 

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