Monday, April 4, 2011

SweetMakes: Sweet Chivalry Tee

A few weeks ago I woke up and decided that we absolutely needed to get out of the house. I jumped onto my local library's website and see if there were tickets left for any museums. Lo and behold one of Worcester's gems, Higgins Armory was free. My son LOVES the armory. We are so lucky to have this wonderful resource here in our city. For all of those out of towners, the armory is a collection of medieval armor like knights in shining armor. Amazing for a toddler to see! It was also was perfect inspiration for the contest I entered over at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.  I digress, so THAT is the inspiration for today's tutorial....


One White Tee ( this one is from Walmart)
Piece of scrap fabric  
freezer paper
Silhouette SD or an Exacto knife  
screen printing ink or acrylic paint 
sewing machine 

1) I started by sketching up a knight chess piece by looking at a plethora of silhouettes online. There are so many designs out there that are copyright free you could grab one and print it out. I plan to have a screen made of my design for future use. ( Don't you love my eyeball eraser?) 

2) I believe you can put your image into the Silhouette SD program and cut it out, I have yet to figure this out. I am still playing around with the machine and have noticed that it might be similar to the print and cut options. If you have insight please let me know! 

 I chose to do the regular method with the knight piece anold fashioned exacto knife.
 I saved all the itty bitty pieces to place back on once ironing began. 

3) I then used my new trusty Silhouette SD, typed in my text 
and let it cut my freezer paper. SO easy!  

Didn't she do a beautiful job?! If you don't have a cutting machine you can use an exacto. 

4) I ironed the knight to my scrap fabric and then used a small brush to paint screen paint onto the fabric. Wait for paint to dry! I know its hard! I am the most impatient painter.

5) I then did the same with the letters. I pinned the knight to the shirt and top stitched. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Ok, here are some photos of my sweet little knight...

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  1. awww! How cute! I love this! I'm just starting to brainstorm ideas for my baby boy and this is great!

  2. I went to Higgins for a field trip when I was in 6th grade.

    I love this shirt. I am totally going to make one. Some day. When I get a minute.