Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SweetMakes: Chalkboard Photo Sign

There are few things I am not humble about: 

1) I can make a wonderful roast chicken ( Yes I know, I am vegetarian. If you don't believe me bring a chicken over and I'll wow you.) 

2) My magical thrift shopping abilities. I can find anything. 

3) How adorable my son is. 

Today #3 inspired me. Before I post What He Wore Wednesday I have to do this tutorial. With Easter hot on the horizon I had to get some spring pics taken of Giraffe. With little funds I was left with going to the dreaded, gasp, horror, The Picture People. Say what you will- you may love them, that's great, I don't. I don't like fake flowers, wagons, toilet paper in a baskets, blocks, etc. You get it. That is why there are so many kinds of bread- we all have to like different things. In any case, I had a coupon for $18 for a huge bundle of photos perfect for holiday giving!  I hemmed and hawed about how to dress Giraffe and a few other little accessories to dress the photos up,
  enter the tutorial: 

Chalkboard Photo Sign


Large piece of cardboard
An exacto
A pen
A stick or clean paint stirrer, or Shim 

1) Draw your expression bubble on the wrong side of your cardboard. I used a piece that was laying around the house. Basically draw an oval with a little triangle on the side.

 2) Cut it out with your exacto.

 3) Get out the old chalkboard spray paint and spray away. Remember paint it lightly and keep the spray moving around.

 4) Allow it to dry and then your handle ( stick, shim, or paint stirrer) to the back securely with tape. I imagine if you have time you could cut a little fabric and glue it to the handle as well to make it prettier.

5) Not pictured: Take some white chalk and lightly color the entire chalkboard surface. Then rub with a rag to give it some dimension. 

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  1. this is super cute especially the baby! :)
    I'm stopping by from the shabby chic cottage! :)

  2. oh wow. that's really cute! so fun. I LOVE your blog.

    new follower,

  3. Nice!

    They have rolls of adhesive chalkboard paper at Michaels! That would work well too!