Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Feature: What HE wore Wednesday!

I think by now you know I have an affinity for wonderful boy clothes.( Girl clothes too) I take great pride in how I dress Giraffe. And yes, I know, most mothers do- but some do not. Many believe boys are meant to get dirty so they just dress them in whatever. Yes we do have our fair share of stained attire but he can still look cute!  Our favorite color- green. Least favorite color- BLUE. I try and avoid it at all costs unless it's an accent color.

I have seen many bloggers do a ' What I wore Wednesday' ( check out Pleated Poppy!)  feature and so I decided instead of showcasing my frumpy sweatpants, racer back swim suits, husband's tee shirts and danskos I would like to put Giraffe in the spotlight. Wednesday is a non-school day so anything goes!

We have been battling the stomach bug in our house for over a week and poor Giraffe is its latest victim. Perhaps I should have waited til next week but today he picked his outfit from the laundry ( clean laundry mind you) So I give you our first ' What HE wore Wednesday ' post:

what HE wore Wednesday: 
* mummy embellished sweatshirt with echino fabric ( sweatshirt is thrifted, fabric is from PurlSoho)
*Snugabye Convert foot creme top
*Hanna Anderson pants ( consignment find, if you don't own a pair they are the greatest! PJs or play!)
* sweet froggy boots ( boots are from target but they were a thrift find)
*And of course his bebe

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