Tuesday, March 8, 2011

He's growing up and so is his furniture...

We said goodbye to the changing table because he started climbing it. Then he climbed out of the crib at 14months. Just yesterday,  I took Giraffe's rocking chair out of his room. ( Sniff Sniff) I loved rocking him when he was little but now he's just a bit big and he couldn't climb into the chair on his own. 

I bought this chair at the thrift store for 8$. Slapped on a 3 coats of black gloss paint and made custom covers from an Ikea duvet cover. Volia: 

It's low enough that he can climb in on his own!
 He ran around chanting ' new chair! new chair.' Too cute! 


  1. did you have to cut the legs down or did it come that size? I love it!