Thursday, January 27, 2011

And more Snow... More Things to Do + A GIVEAWAY!

We got slammed again today. A million inches but who's counting? I can't see my deck, my big dogs are up to their necks in snow and the little dog can't even walk outside poor thing.  Ah, old man winter I shake my fist at you.

In any case we need some more stuff to do with our little ones so I have scoured the web for a few things that might suit your child's fancy...


This is one of my fav tutorials, make butter. So simple, so genius, so oldskool. Maize Hutton is a genius. All you need is a pinch of salt, a baby food jar and some heavy whipping cream. This would be delectable with some of my homemade bread. This tutorial even includes a lovely printable for you to gift your creation.

Decorate VALENTINES / Write Holiday Thank yous 

We all wait til the night before and dread the process of making last minute valentines. Get a jump on your card making. Get some paper and use markers, stamp, potato stamps, handprints, foot prints to capture your child's love for all.
Yes, I have STILL not done our holiday thank yous. I know. I know.

RECYCLE CRAYONS and make new Ones 

I did this for Giraffe's first birthday favors. It was fun but I wished he was old enough to help. You can have your toddler just peel off the paper, or split the paper first to help them out. Pie Birds, Buttons and Muddy Puddles  has some great instructions.

BOTTLE FUN- DIY Snow Globe  

Sorry for no photo, we have an energy audit in progress...

Take a small plastic water bottle or 2 Liter and place objects into it. Pennies, dimes, glitter, small pebbles, beads and water. Close the top and watch your child glow. Giraffe brought one of these home from school and plays with it almost once a day.


Once you make your lovely crayons head on over to Make And Takes for free printables to keep your kiddos busy.

Good luck today with your activities!


Something for your to do at naptime.... Win this beautiful hand stamped Mother Necklace from ROBAYSTUDIO... 

To enter: 
Lots of chances, here we go

1) Tell us please, what is your favorite snow day activity? Does it work? Do your kids love it? Please leave your comment on the blog so everyone can see!  

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Winner to be announced on Friday AM :) Happy Snow day everyone! 


  1. My favorite snow day activity to do with Jacks is to build forts with couch cushions, blankets, and pillows and hide and play in them all day :) He LOVES having a little place to hid and has taken his nap inside a fort on several occasions.

  2. and I just followed you on twitter :) and already follow you on FB.

  3. Love the packaging on the homemade butter! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing the tutorial link.