Sunday, December 26, 2010

Toy Review: Sprig's Dino Adventure Rig

Sprig Dino Adventure Rig 
I don't usually post reviews, but its something I'd like to get in to so... here it goes!

This holiday season we looked for the greenest toys possible. Why should one day a year wreak havoc on our environment forever?

Giraffe is in the dinosaur phase and loves everything with teeth and a tail so, I searched for happy dinos. NOT an easy find let me tell you. Most have sharp pointy teeth and look like they haven't had a proper meal in ages.

I found this toy first at Barnes and Noble and then purchased it from a local toy shop in town to support their business. Priced at $24.99 this set includes a little explorer dude complete with hat and backpack, a mama and baby dino and an awesome rig for them all to ride in. The cute part is that the pieces are so simple. No scary faces just big goofy smiles on the dinos and a blank expression on the little explorer. Another cute little detail, the dinos have no scary T-Rex arms.

This set is solid. Comprised of an interesting combo called" Sprigwood", a bio composite material made  of recycled plastic and reclaimed sawdust it is super hard and durable. It was dropped several times since Santa came to town and has surfaced without a scratch. Giraffe loves the dinos so much that he took them to nap with him. The wheels move smoothly and don't scratch my floors. All the pieces are a great weight, heavy enough to take a beating yet easily picked up by a 22 month old.

I highly recommend this toy for a boy OR a girl. I see these dinos having lots of adventures over the next few years!

TIP: The best after Christmas sale I have ever found is Barnes and Noble. At up to 50% off toys, these are likely to be on sale as it is an item they don't usually carry. I plan to make a beeline there tomorrow to stock up for birthdays this year. I promise to update you on my findings.

Update: Went out this morning, Barnes typically marks their toys down almost two weeks after the holiday. I bit the bullet and purchased the Adventure Boat for full price. Lots of holiday books 50% off  if you are looking for a bargain. 


  1. We have the Sprig dumptruck...great quality. This is adorable!