Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whip It Up Wednesday: City Mouse & A Baby Giveaway!

For this week's Whip It Up Wednesday I am going to keep it short, hard at work relaxing after a long day of writing and sewing. Today I wrote three articles for a publication I freelance for on a Starsucks Peppermint Mocha. Yum. During Christmas music. Double yum! Sewing didn't start til 7:30 and I just finished. Watching some Seinfield.

I am working on using up scraps and created my little city mouse. I just love him ( squiggly tail and all.)

In preparation for my upcoming event I had a little inspiration for a giveaway....


Leave a comment on the blog stating the following:

- Think about the last time you went shopping at a craft bazaar. What made you purchase something besides seeing something you liked. Did the booth use a certain color or style, or display that caught your eye ?

 Best comment wins a beautiful handmade recycled wool snowflake baby hat ( size 0-3 months). Perfect for gift giving this holiday season!

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