Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whip It Up Wednesday: Trick O' Treat & Belt

Yup, new weekly posts, Whip It Up Wednesday!  ( my husband doesn't like the name,  he thinks of " whip it out." ) OH well. Wednesdays are one of my sacred days with Giraffe and we try and go out  and have fun. During naps, I hit the sewing machine in the hopes that something pretty will come of it.  Hence, whipping something up on a Wednesday. Get it? Good. 

As always, I make things out of necessity. Today was no exception. Giraffe needed a belt and a Trick O' Treat Bag.  Off I went...

I just love this bag. Love, love, love. We went to the dollar store to try and find something for Giraffe to take to school for his first Trick O' Treat experience but the plastic buckets and plastic bags were not coming home with us. In September, I got the Pottery Barn Kids Catalog and fell in love with their monogrammed bags but not to the tune of $12 plus shipping. So, I sewed one up with scraps left over from other projects. Pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. He's being a Dalmatian and yes its a homemade costume, pics to follow soon! 

Giraffe has no gut just like daddy, unlike mommy. I have seen a few toddler belts but I hadn't fallen in love. They are sooooooo easy to make. 1 inch webbing, 2 D-rings and homemade bias tape. Easy peasy. Little story about the fabric, does anyone recognize it? Its Eric Carle! Bought it over a year ago at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in the scrap pile, a year later it is finally seeing the light of day. 

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  1. Very cute! I keep waiting for it to get cold enough for Anna to wear her spiffy new hat. :)