Sunday, October 31, 2010

Drink of Life

In my house, we love to juice. We try to do it as much as humanely possible. I am secretly in love with Jack Lalaine as I think he might just be a miracle worker. After a long and complicated relationship with our Breville juicer we bought as a wedding gift to ourselves we finally have been using it often. With our summer CSA we juiced a ton, now in the fall its harder to find things we like to drink. 
One of our favs that we like on Sunday mornings is what we call, 'The Drink of Life.' It consists of beets, carrots and apples : super sweet, no sugar needed here! The recipe is our own concoction and we typically use 5-8 apples ( depending on desired sweetness), one pound of carrots,  and 2-3 beets.

Tip: Remember that you can use the pulp from carrots for carrot breads! We like to save the apples and carrots to add to our dog food. They love it. 


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