Monday, September 6, 2010

Big Savers Sale Today!

To my dear thrifters today is a big day! Happy Labor Day of course. Hopefully you have had a wonderful weekend of the newly released Octoberfest and that you have soaked up a little sun.

Today Savers is celebrating its 'Back-to-Hallo-versary!' ( I know they need a new person in marketing to come up with some better names) Oh well, who cares what the name is today and TODAY only the ENTIRE store is 50% off! Yes, you heard that right dear thrifters. 50% OFF!!!

Stock up on baby clothes, brand names and coats, coats, coats! The weather may not be scary yet but those chilly winter days are fast approaching. Also, have you thought about Halloween ? Don't worry I will be doing a few Halloween posts! Thrifting is a great way to gather items for Halloween costumes for the whole family! Savers also has an extensive Halloween section with new items like wigs, hats, packaged costumes etc.

Today we spent about 36$ and got the following:

(2) Wool Sweaters ( Landsend and Abercrombie- for hats of course!)
(1) Winter Gap Jacket for the hubby
(1) Pair of Ann Taylor jeans
(1) 1 Pair of Dockers
(1) Gap Kids Sweater
(1) Fleece Running Jacket
(1) Gap Men's Cargos ( tags still ON)
(1) Perry Ellis wool dress pants for the hubby
and one Tonka Truck book that the Giraffe wouldn't part with


  1. Didn't see you there at 7 sharp - the line was quite small!!

  2. I was up and thought of going then but alas I didn't get there til almost 1!
    We still ended up with some nice finds. How about you ?