Friday, June 18, 2010

First Tutorial! Scrappy Napkin Ring

Ladies & Gents- this is my official first tutorial ever. I hope you enjoy it. There may be some bumps along the way but please enjoy the ride! I hope to make many more as I love tuts myself. Let me know what you think!

Need a quick change for that upcoming dinner party but don't have the funds to splurge on a new linen set? Me either. This quick tutorial will turn your table from the usual to memorable with just a few materials. Everyone will be clammering to find out where you purchased these fancy napkin rings....

To begin assemble your materials:

Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Roll
18X24''Fabric Scraps ( I used canvas drop cloth and a Fat Quarter from Joann Fabrics)
Glue Gun
Needle & Thread
Sewing Machine

Remove extra paper from the roll and cut into equal parts

Cut the end of one of the pieces and lay flat on one of your fabrics. Measure 1/2 inch around the sides of the roll and an inch on the end and mark. Connect your marks so that you have an inch extra on each end and a 1/2 inch on side. Cut out this traced piece.

Fold the edges over the roll and iron. Be sure not to leave iron on the roll
for too long or it will burn! With your machine sew up the sides of the roll and fabric.

Then sew up one of the ends for a neat finish. Set this piece aside.

To assemble your flower start by tracing a circular object ( I used the top of a can of starch) onto your two fabrics. You will be cutting six of each colors. Tip: Instead of tracing six times trace once and fold your fabric accordion style underneath so that when you cut through there will be six circles cut. In the mean time, turn on your glue gun.

After cutting out your circles you will need to fold them to form petals.
One at a time fold your flower in half.

Then fold it in half again.

With your glue gun place a small dot of glue inside your petal to keep it closed. Tip: To avoid glue strings quickly move the tip of the glue gun in a circle after dispensing glue to 'wrap' the strings.

You will end up with a bunch of petals that look like this

To join the petals hand stitch into the tip of each petal alternating colors.

Join the petals by finding the first petal sewn and place a stitch at the point of the tip. To secure the flower sew around a few of the other tips.
Volia! Your flower is done. Isn't it pretty?

Secure the covered roll with a generous dot of glue and smooth. Place a little glue
on the inside piece as well for a clean seam.

Glue the flower on and press firmly. You may need to dab a little glue around
the base of the flower to secure.

Repeat the process for as many napkin rings as needed.
These are easy and fast to make once
you get the hang of it.
Make some with a few contrasting fabrics for a real pop on your table.


  1. Excellent tutorial, this is a very nice napkin ring.

  2. I really like how simple it is. Napkin rings add that finishing touch. Thx